New Jersey Mystics Coaching Philosophy

Key Principles

• Highest level of integrity in everything we do... "we understand the important role a coach may play during these critical years when your daughter is establishing her character."

• Fostering a positive environment ..."a certain level of intensity is needed to excel, however, we will not allow for inappropriate levels of behavior from coaches, parents or players."

• Building effective relationships through open and honest communications ... "we won't always tell you want you to hear, but we will be open and honest."

• Shaping the future of the Team and the Individual ... "we are committed to do what's right for the overall Team while considering the developmental needs of individual players."

Practice and Training Methodology

• Break the game down - our drills are geared toward breaking the offensive and defensive aspects of the game down into activities that will deliver results during the game.

• Primary and secondary positions ... develop players in "mastering" their primary position prior to moving on to their secondary position development plan.

• Repetition, Repetition, Repetition ... focus on repetitive drills that develop muscle memory and reinforce conditional responses to game time situations.

• Intelligent and aggressive base running ... develop an offensive intelligence and appetite for players to cause confusion and take advantage of ALL opportunities to advance on the bases.

• Defensive situational awareness ... expose players to an appropriate level of scenario-based training to ensure they are prepared for all game situations.

• Hungry Hitters ... establish an attitude of Confidence, Comfort and Control when at the plate.

College Prep Program

• Tailored to the individual ... our goal to provide every individual a realistic opportunity to play at the college level.

• Start with the end in mind ... we will work with players to identify specific regions in the country where they would like to go to college and guide them in establishing an "exposure plan."

• Pin-point exposure and showcase opportunities ... we will work with players to find the optimal college exposure opportunities to meet THEIR long term objectives.